Friday, September 5, 2008

Grant of the Week: UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation

These "grants provide financial relief for families who have children with medical needs not covered or not fully covered by their commercial health benefit plan. The Foundation aims to fill the gap between what medical services/items your child needs and what your commercial health benefit plan will pay for" (


  • Grant applications requesting assistance for dental or orthodontic treatment unrelated to a serious medical condition are excluded from grant consideration.
  • The applicant must be 16 years old or younger and live in the United States and receive and pay for care/items in the United States.
  • The applicant must be covered by a commercial health benefit plan and limits for the requested service are either exceeded, or no coverage is available and/or the copayments are a serious financial burden on the family. The UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation requires a commercial health benefit plan.


For complete guidelines and application information, visit

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