Friday, May 9, 2008

Grant of the Week: Tobacco Cessation Projects

The American Legacy Foundation is accepting Letters of Intent for their Small Innovative Grants Program now until May 23, 2008.

This grant program, "supports projects that advance creative, promising solutions based on sound principles of tobacco control to remedy the harm caused by tobacco use in America."

"To be considered for funding under the Small Innovative Grants Program, the proposed project must distinguish itself from the large number of high quality programs proposed to Legacy in each grant round. The program must demonstrate an element of creativity, ingenuity or innovation."

For complete program details and application information, visit: (pdf).


bob said...

This is the same group that is trying to sqaunder Ohio's money, causing Ohio to eliminate the "Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation" that was transferring Ohio's money out of the state. Ohio leaders are calling a "rogue" group.

Grant Spy said...

See more grant notices at the new Grant Spy blog:

Grants Librarian said...

Ah, yes. "Grant Spy" is a for-fee subscription service which offers to notify those who pay for RFPs.

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